How Bridging Loans Work

Buying New Property Before Selling an Existing One There are many cases whereby a vendor puts their home on the market with the intention of purchasing another property, or, where a buyer must wait for the finalisation of an existing property’s sale prior to buying a...

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ASIC: Regulating Australian Mortgage Brokers

All Australian financial organisations and services, companies, and other professionals who deal in insurance, superannuation, investments, credit, and deposit taking, are regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, known as ASIC. Basically, ASIC...

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What Fees and Commissions are Mortgage Brokers Paid?

 "How much are you paid to help me with my finance?" This is a question that many people may not feel comfortable asking their Mortgage Broker, but it’s not an inappropriate question because everyone gets paid for the services they provide. Mortgage Brokers are paid...

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Yet another tax it’s called Stamp Duty!

Stamp Duty: An Additional Cost When Purchasing Property Aside from the purchase price of your new property you need to be mindful of additional fees and charges to pay. You’re probably aware of some of these costs and there may be others you’re not aware of, so let’s...

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