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Ben Spyker

Ben Spyker

Senior accredited & Licenced broker


Our Location:
The Parade, Norwood SA 5067

We Can Simplify Your Life

My name is Ben Spyker and I am the senior accredited and licenced broker here on smbia.com.au

I have been involved in the finance industry for over 20 years now and have helped countless people in this time with their finance and mortgage needs. This is good for you and here is why…

Over the years I have seen almost every scenario that could possibly crop up in mortgage finance. SMBiA is designed to give you an introduction to the understanding of how banks assess home loan applications and how this is relevant to your current situation.

There are many mortgage scenarios that arise in life and this website has been broken down into general topics that explain situations that commonly arise.  This information is general advice which is designed to provide a basic understanding of how the various mortgage finance options may suit your needs. Your situation may be slightly different so if you have any questions of how this applies to you, call me.

My job is to get you the best deal. I make it easy for you and it is a free service.

The process I use with clients is to primarily forget product and rate for now (that comes later).  The first step is to assess what you are trying to achieve and what your personal circumstances are. Once we have a concept of this we then find the best options that suit these needs and explore the market for the best deal. It is much easier this way.  As licenced mortgage brokers we have access to all the Lenders so don’t worry we can find the best outcome for you.

We can come to you or meet at our office on The Parade in Norwood. We are very flexible and can meet at a time and place that suits you best.


3 Good Reasons to Use a Broker


Our brokers are all highly skilled professionals who provide the best advice and our service is free. We assess your individual circumstances and provide you with several options for loans that suit your needs.

  • The loan market is constantly changing and you may be paying too much without even knowing it.
  • Each Lender has policies. If you go directly to your own Bank, would you know if you ‘fit’ the Bank policies or if they have an appetite for your business? If they do give you a loan, you may not be getting the best rate in the market.


At SMBIA we only have highly qualified and experienced Brokers who have learnt their trade as banking professionals. What this statement actually means is that each Broker has literally assisted thousands of clients over their professional career, gained insights from a wide range of loan scenarios and possess the coveted ability to relate.

It makes such a big difference using highly experienced professionals who make the process easy and the service is free. Our Brokers can recommend Bank policies and products that are appropriate and suitable for your needs.


Ever had that feeling of needing answers but not getting anywhere?
SMBIA Brokers welcome your questions about Mortgage Finance.

Our phone number never changes,
please call 1300-668-361 when you need expert help.

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